Wednesday, April 11, 2018

My Pregnancy Journey : How We Announced It.



It has been a while since I last posted here. It has been busy and hectic for me and my husband as the two lads are growing up so fast! It feels like there has not been enough hours in a day with these two rapid grower boys. Nevertheless, it has also been an amazing journey.

Back on the topic. How did we announce our pregnancy and the fact that we are having twins? First of all, you have to know that although I may seem to be the type of person who likes to share things to other people, my husband is on the other hand is an introvert. I think you can now picture what I want to deliver here. Yes, it is how to spread the news using method which is suitable for both parties. Here goes. First, I am going to share on how we deliver the news to the parents. His and mine.

Actually, there are no fancy ways to deliver the news although I am a very into Pinterest person. He just called his parents and told them that I am not feeling well because somebody put a spell on me. Got it? So his mom went worried and then only we told her the truth. Haha. Oh I tried pulling the same trick on my mom and it failed. She had sensed that something is off key with me the other day I begged my brother for a satay and ate like a person who had never had satay in her life before and she just realised that the food is utterly scrumptious.

The same goes when we had found out that it is a twin. He called his mother and told her that something went wrong. My mother in law was terrified judging from her tone of voice. And then he told her that the scanner machine showed there are two beating hearts and she went, "stop pulling my legs! How can there be two hearts?" And my husband calmly replied with a wide smile curved on his lips, "of course. They have two hearts. They are twins." And I could never forget my MIL's reaction and she praised the Lord quite a few times. She said "Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allah is indeed great!" I smiled in satisfaction as I think we have made her happy alhamdulillah. About my parents, we did not get the chance to deliver the news properly as the nurse who overheard the conversation between me and the doctor hurriedly deliver the news to my mother so yeah thanks a lot that's just great. *Sigh

To our friends at school, we only share the news to our closest friends. We just let the growth of my tummy spread the news among our colleagues and let them wonder why on earth do I overgrown to a size of a man eating giant.

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